Whenever you use any webpage of any company like Assure Packers and Movers they will ask you to click on the link that says “I have read the terms and conditions and I agree to it”. You cannot visit any domain without clicking on this check box. Some company websites have different set of rules for different domains and you need to click this check box several times.

But do you what does these “terms and conditions” mean? What do they say and why?

The users and eventually clients pay for the services that the company provides. They should get what they have paid for. Their rights are protected by consumer rights and they may lodge a complaint in consumer forum, when they are not satisfied by the services provided by the company.

But sometimes clients harass the company for small reasons or for no reasons at all. The company needs to defend itself if such a case arises. The terms and conditions are the rule book for company’s protection. “Terms and conditions” are basically a set of rules to look after the rights of the company. When you click on the check box you agree to abide by these rules. So what are the rules and what do they say?

First thing the terms and conditions make sure that content material of the website of Assure Packers and Movers is “copy right protected”. That is if you use any part of the website, even in a modified form, anywhere you can be legally sued and punished. In case of necessary use, you must obtain prior written permission from us. Also you must submit a notice to the concerned party about the source of material. This rule is valid for any download from the website as well.

Secondly you can use the software provided there only for the usage mentioned in the webpage. May be you are expert software professional and may be able to modify the software even for better service. But you are not permitted to do so without our prior written consent. You are not allowed to download the software or modify it for personal use or for whatsoever reasons.

Thirdly, the we do not take any responsibility if any data is lost or damaged directly or even indirectly while using the webpage or generally during internet usage within the page. While we take precaution like SSL encryption and other security measures we do not take any responsibility whatsoever in case of any unfortunate occurrence.

We assure you of the accuracy of the web content. Wearticulate that the content of the website is accurate as per our belief. At the same time we do not take the responsibility of the exactitude of the content. We agree that there may be some typographical errors. Furthermorewe accept the technological knowledge that is provided in the website may not be accurate. You are supposed to verify the accurateness of the content material before you trust the webpage and take any action.

In addition these Terms and Conditions notify that Assure Packers and Movers are not liable for any damage if you use these data provided by the company, or because you do not use. We do not provide you any warranty of any kind to protect your loss, if you face any. We also reserve their right to change the content anytime without any prior intimation. So you may need to go through the content as and when you need information.

The Assure Packers and Movers also mention their cancellation policy in their terms and conditions page. You need to go through carefully to know the policy of cancellation and about the refund guidelines, in case the need arises.

So you must keep yourself informed but do not depend solely on the website details.