We cannot do everything ourselves. There are times when we have to take help from professional services. For example we have to take help from Packers and Movers when we are relocating. In this era of identity theft and privacy intrusion we must practice vigilance whenever we are dealing with any outside dealer. The search for a reliable relocation partner ends with us, The Assure Packers.

We work hard to ensure your privacy as your satisfaction is of prime importance for us. We make certain that we maintain your privacy both offline and online.

This entire process starting from surveying your current location to the final setting up of the new location will be supervised by our relationship manager. We take care to hire the only personnel with clean track record and integrity. Your signed documents and valuables are safe with us. We certify that our workforce will disclose details only to the authorities of our company to continue your relocation process smoothly like using your mailing address for faster correspondence.

We have an online presence. Also some of your personal details are saved there though you can visit most of our pages without signing in. But some facilities are available only after you log in. Even there we ask for minimum information that is necessary only to carry out the process smoothly. When you register with us online, we disclose a copy of our privacy policy. We abide by it and do not disclose any of your personal details online.We do not gather information for any dissemination practices. We do not share, sell or rent any of your private information. The information we gather is solely for our own use so that we can provide you smoothservices.

Different domains of our website may ask you for your information and that space will inform you about the specifics and you need to provide only that much information and only after knowing the reason for such prompts. In any point of time if you want, you may request to delete the data collected if you are not satisfied with our performance though we know that such a situation will never arise.

We deal with all data with highest level of confidentiality. The employees’ knowledge about your private data and information is highly case sensitive, restricted to the domain of their responsibilities only. So not only your privacy always lies with safe hands but also further protected by our policies as well.

There are some services which needs data to be transferred from one domain to another. In these cases we protect the privacy of your data by transmission through industry standard SSL protocol. Here again the employees have only restricted access based on their responsibility.

We do use cookies to serve you better. These cookies enable us to store your informationpreferences securely. We also use cookies for customization based on your preferences. Cookies are needed for session continuation process as well. You may disable cookies but that will disable some features of our site.

Assure Packers do collect the client IP addresses. The sole purpose of such collection is research about the trends, the clients’ movement within the site, their recommendation, more demographic information to improve our services etc.

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